Project Overview


Hardware Projects

Mobile pipe thickness measurement with eddy current probes inclusive data storage and evaluation
Different intrinsic safe inductive signal isolators for standard industrial signals with high linearity, partially with programmable threshold switching (Intrinsic Safety i)
Backplane hardware design for an industrial remote I/O system with slot multiplexing and DC-free signal communication
Specification and test of different digital and mixed signal ASICs for use in a remote I/O system
Fieldbus gateway hardware for a remote I/O system (dual processor system for internal & external communication and signal processing) (Intrinsic Safety i)
Profibus PA (IEC 61158-2) Hub with intrinsic safe powered field connections
8-channel integrating charge amplifier & ADC module for use in a multiwire detector for particle therapy / cancer treatment
Low drift high dynamic range transimpedance amplifier & ADC module (10pA...10µA) for particle therapy beam intensity measurement with ionization chambers
High dynamic range current to frequency converter (1pA - 10µA  -> 1Hz - 10MHz)  for particle therapy dose measurement with ionization chambers
Digitally controlled low noise / high voltage generation module (0...2.5kV) for ionization detectors voltage supply
Control & diagnosis unit for explosion protected light fittings to connect them with a central battery system (Increased Safety e, Encapsulation m,  Intrinsic Safety i)
Accumulator cell monitoring unit for cell surveillance and charge enabling in explosion protected emergency light fittings
Intrinsic safe 2-battery-cell - to - white LED converter for an explosion protected torch (Intrinsic Safety i)
400W DC-DC converter with 100kV galvanic isolation for X-ray tube filament supply
40W high efficiency DC-DC converter with galvanic isolation and inductive feedback for a remote I/O systems power supply


Software Projects

Embedded software + PC software for an eddy current pipe measurement equipment (Z80 / Z8 Assembler)
Different embedded software projects for industrial measurement devices (Microchip PIC Assembler + C, Atmel AT90... C)
Different test tools embedded projects and PC projects
Software design for different low density programmable logic devices (GALs & CPLDs, boolean equations and ABEL)
Embedded software for a remote I/O fieldbus gateway / backplane communication with I/O devices (PIC18F..., assembler programming)
Embedded software for a remote I/O fieldbus gateway / device driver (MC68332, assembler programming)
Embedded software for different remote I/O devices (PIC16F..., assembler programming)
Embedded software for an accumulator cell monitoring unit (PIC16F..., assembler programming)
Logic design for High dynamic range current to frequency converter CPLD (Xilinx CoolRunner, VHDL)
Multiwire radiation detector FPGA project, dynamic range extension by introduction of an adaptive sampling principle (Altera Cyclone II, VHDL)
Ionization chamber FPGA project extension and changings for a new measurement hardware (Altera Cyclone II, VHDL)
Embedded software for a sine wave generator controller (Cypress PSOC 4 (Cortex A0), software in C, logic configuration in Verilog)
Embedded software for a remote I/O gateway (Altera Cyclone V PSOC, backplane controller in VHDL, system generation & Linux boot software with QSYS)
Embedded software for a remote I/O emulator (Altera Cyclone V PSOC, backplane controller in VHDL, system generation & Linux boot software with QSYS)
Specification, VHDL design, simulation and test of a digital ASIC
ModelSim modelling and optimization for the VHDL projects
Design of different Websites with a Content Management System
FPGA Design (VHDL) for a high-speed data acquisition module in an OCT based biometric system for ophtalmology



Signal Isolation and Fieldbus Systems

LowCurrent Measurement / Radiation Sensors

Mixed Signal Design

Isolated Power and High Voltage Generation


Embedded Software in C and Assembler

CPLD & FPGA Design in VHDL and Verilog

PSOC Configuration and Linux Bootsoftware

Simulation and Test

Service and Consulting

Development - CAD - Prototyping


Testplanning and Tests

Training and Freelance Work