Microcontroller or PLD?

Are you making compromises with your microcontroller, when more than one process must be handled at the same time? Do you need external logic? Are the available peripherals not matching perfectly your application?  These arguments - and some more - plead for choosing programmable logic devices. Parallel processes, high operating performance and free configurability of the digital function blocks and ports are basic behavior of these components. Today there are also internal RAM and Flash memories, flexible clocking, fast transceivers and analog peripherals up to ADCs available. The range of components includes now SOCs, which contain powerful processors as well as  complex peripherals. The system development often can be made completely in integrated design tools of the manufacturers.

Many reasons to replace the microcontroller by a programmable logic chip!


Signal Isolation and Fieldbus Systems

LowCurrent Measurement / Radiation Sensors

Mixed Signal Design

Isolated Power and High Voltage Generation


Embedded Software in C and Assembler

CPLD & FPGA Design in VHDL and Verilog

PSOC Configuration and Linux Bootsoftware

Simulation and Test

Service and Consulting

Development - CAD - Prototyping


Testplanning and Tests

Training and Freelance Work