Read High-Speed ADC via USB 3

You are looking for an individual solution to read a High-Speed ADC via USB?

The USB 3.1 / Gen1 - Interface ("Super Speed", former USB 3.0) transfers data with a speed of 5 GBit/s. This enables a realistic data rate of up to 320MBytes/s. By this way, high-speed ADC data can be transferred to a PC. A related solution was realized with a FPGA and a FIFO - to - USB 3 Bridge IC:

An ADC with a DDR interface is connected to the FPGA, which reads and controls the ADC completely. The FPGA writes the data into packages, as desired by the customer. The packages are written into the USB 3 bridge IC and transferred to the PC. Additionally, the FPGA carries out a number of user operations, among them a complete PID controller for an optical scanner. The FPGA's behavior is controllable by a configuration parameter set. This and the controller parameter set are writable by use of the USB interface. Additionally, the FPGA's configuration image can be updated via USB.



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